Per Mortensen

CEO at Linstow, Chairman of the Board at OSU

Since 2009 PM has been the CEO of Linstow AS, a larger Norwegian real estate company with activities in different countries in Europe.

PM has had a number of leading positions in the Norwegian real estate industry over more than 25 years, among them CEO of Oslo Areal (former listed company), Managing Director of Storebrand Real Estate (life insurance company). He has also been involved as prosject manager in larger urban development projects, like Aker Brygge (waterfront project in Oslo) and Filipstad Brygge, HQ for Storebrand in Oslo.

He holds positions as a Board Member in urban develpment companies like IT Fornebu (development of former airport outside Oslo) and as Chairman of the Board in OSU (development of the new harbour district, Bjørvika, in central Oslo). In OSU Linstow owns one third of the shares.

PM holds a degree in civil engineering from The Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

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